Seller Policies

Selling Policies

Selling Fees:

  • Listing Fees: Free,
  • Commission Fee: (Vary from category to category)% of total order value + GST 18%,
  • Fixed Fees: Free,
  • Order cancelled by seller other than buyer request fees: 100% of commission fee (Including GST).


  • When you receive an order, you would get notification via sms as well as email. You may process your order on vendor panel of

Shipping and Pickup:

  • For us and customer to track order status, you would have to update AWB number and shipping carrier while creating shipment.
  • Shipping charges: shipping charges are calculated in two modes 1. Per item based 2. Per kilogram based, so you can set any while listing products as per your convenient.
  • Shipping charges will be paid by customer so you collect shipping cost from customer and pay it to your shipping carrier. In case, you want to sell your product with free shipping option then shipping cost will be borne by vendor.
  • Pickup: You pack your products as per orders and let us take care of delivering your products.


  • Funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, even for Pay on Delivery orders, every 7 days. Only delivered orders payment would be processed.
  • Selling fee or order cancellation charges would be deducted.

Order Return / Replacement:

  • Default return period for customer to return the order is 10 days.
  • Customer may send return request for most items that they have ordered, if they've received them in a condition that is physically damaged, has missing parts or accessories, defective or different from its description on the product detail page on

Vendor Panel:

You will be provided with Vendor login facility wherein, you would be able to

  • Manage your vendor account,
  • Manager Order,
  • Create shipment,
  • Manager Products,
  • Manager Inventory.

Following information is required after registering on seller portal.

  • Type of Business: Proprietorship / Partnership / Company
  • Tax Registration Number: GSTIN (GSTIN Certificate Scanned Copy)
  • Address Proof - Electricity Bill / GSTIN Registration Certificate / Bank Statement (Any one) (Scanned Copy).
  • Bank Account Details: (SB/CA)
    • Bank Account Name:
    • Bank Account Number:
    • Bank Name:
    • Branch Name:
    • Bank IFSC Code:
    • Bank Cancelled Cheque (Scanned Copy):
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