Seller code of conduct

Seller code of conduct enables you to reach hundreds of millions of customers. We strive to ensure a fair and trustworthy buyer and seller experience. At, we expect you to adhere to the code of conduct principles outlined below. Violation of the code of conduct principles may result in the loss of your selling privileges and removal from Marketplace.

Seller Code of Conduct Principles:

  • Adhere to all applicable laws and abide by all policies.
  • Maintain current account information.
  • Never misrepresent yourself.
  • Always act in a manner that ensures a trustworthy experience for customers.
  • Never list products that may cause harm to customers.
  • Never engage in any misleading, inappropriate or offensive behaviour. This applies to all your activities, including but not limited to:
    • Information provided on your account
    • Information provided in listings, content or images
    • Communication between you and or you and our customers
  • Act fairly at all times. Unfair behaviour includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Behaviour that could be deemed as manipulation or "gaming" of any part of the buying or selling experience
    • Actions that could be perceived as manipulating customer reviews, including by directly or indirectly contributing false, misleading or inauthentic content
    • Activities that could be perceived as attempting to manipulate's search results or sales rankings
    • Actions that intentionally damage another seller, their listings or their ratings

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on

Misusing the website: As a community, all sellers are able to access and use the website. If a seller uploads excessive amounts of data repeatedly, or otherwise uses the website in an excessive or unreasonable way, it can create a disproportional load on the website and impair the ability of other sellers to easily access and use the website. If a seller is misusing or making excessive or unreasonable use of the website, may in its sole discretion restrict or block access to product feeds or any other website functions that are being misused until the seller stops its misuse.

Community Rules

Like any community, Marketplace has rules to help ensure a safe and enjoyable selling experience.

  • Honour your commitment to sell.
  • Maintain current account information.
  • If we have removed your selling privileges, you may not open a new selling account.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself.

Category and Product Restrictions

Certain products cannot be listed or sold on Some products may not be listed as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory restrictions (for example, prescription drugs) or in accordance with policy (for example, crime scene photos).'s policies also prohibit specific types of product content. For guidelines on prohibited content and copyright violations, see our Prohibited Content page.

For some product categories, sellers may not create product listings without prior approval from

Product detail page rules

The Add Product feature allows sellers to create a product detail page for products that do not exist in the catalogue. This feature is available in the Product section of the seller account.

The following rules and restrictions apply to sellers who use the Add Product feature:

  • Using this feature for any purpose other than creating product details pages is prohibited.
  • The use of false product identification information, including ISBN or EAN numbers is prohibited.
  • Creating a product detail page for a product already in the catalogue is prohibited.
  • Add Product is to be used only to create pages for products that do not already exist within's catalogue.
  • Using Add a Product to cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product is prohibited.
  • For books, music, video and DVD (BMVD) products, a single detail page may not be used to advertise more than one product. BMVD-only product bundles must be defined by the publisher or manufacturer and have a single ISBN or EAN that is different from the product identifier for any unique item in the bundle.
  • Detail pages may not feature or contain prohibited contents.
  • The inclusion of any of the following information in detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points or images is prohibited:
    • Information that is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, paedophilic, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful or racially/ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating to or encouraging money laundering or gambling, pornographic, obscene or offensive content or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever.
    • Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, email addresses or website URLs.
    • Availability, price, condition, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders) or alternative delivery offers (such as free delivery).
    • Spoilers regarding books, music, video and DVD (BMVD) listings (information that reveals plot elements crucial to the suspense, mystery or surprise ending of a story).
    • Reviews, quotes or testimonials.
    • Solicitations for positive customer reviews.
    • Advertisements, promotional material or watermarks on images, photos or videos.
    • Time-sensitive information (i.e. dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, etc.).
    • Information that belongs to another person and to which the seller does not have any rights.
    • Information that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights.
    • Information that deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of the messages or communicates any information that is grossly offensive or menacing in nature.
    • Information that threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting towards any other nation.
    • Information containing software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource.
    • Information violating any law for the time being in force.
  • When creating a listing, sellers must follow listing standards for any product sold on Failure to do so creates a negative customer experience and may result in your Selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • All products should be appropriately and accurately classified to the most specific location available. Incorrectly classifying products is prohibited.
    • Product titles, product descriptions and bullets must be clearly written and must assist the customer in understanding the product. These attributes should comply with the category-specific style guide recommendations.
    • All product images must meet general image standards as well as any applicable category-specific image guidelines. Image resolution must not exceed 800px * 800px and 72 PPI.
    • Using bad data (HTML, special characters */?, etc.) in titles, descriptions, bullets and for any other attribute is prohibited.
  • All products listed on must meet the relevant product safety standards.
  • When creating a product detail page, provide only information that pertains to the features of the product in general, not the condition of your particular item. Product detail pages may be used by any other seller to list the same product. When listing an item for sale, sellers must follow the offer listing process. Within the offer listing process, sellers are given the opportunity to note their item's condition, quantity, price and other details that are relevant to a specific listing.
  • Do not include HTML, DHTML, JavaScript or other types of executables in your detail pages.

Prohibited Content

Sellers are expected to conduct proper research to ensure that the items posted to our website are in compliance with all applicable laws. If we determine that the content of a product detail page or listing is prohibited, potentially illegal, or inappropriate, we may remove or alter it without prior notice. reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate.

Any product listed in the Excluded Products list in the Seller Agreement is prohibited for sale on the site. Additionally, sellers are prohibited from listing the following products on Cell Phones including Service, Magazines and Newspapers, Tobacco and Alcohol, Adult Toys, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates, Prescription Medication, Guns and Ammunition, Photo Processing.

Counterfeit merchandise: Products offered for sale on must be authentic. Any product that has been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured is prohibited.

The following list of prohibited products comprises two sections: Prohibited Content and Intellectual Property Violations.

Listing prohibited content may result in the cancellation of your listings, or the suspension or removal of your selling privileges. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that the products they offer are legal and authorised for sale or re-sale.

If we determine that the content of a product detail page or listing is prohibited, potentially illegal, or inappropriate, we may remove or alter it without prior notice. reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate.

Prohibited Content
  • Items not intended for distribution within India : Products that are specifically manufactured for, and identified as "not for distribution within India" cannot be sold on This includes the following; imported text books, non-Region 5 DVDs, and non-PAL format videotapes.
  • Illegal and potentially illegal products: Products sold on must adhere to all applicable laws. As sellers are legally liable for their actions and transactions, they must know the legal parameters surrounding any product they display on our website.
  • Offensive material: reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings posted to our website.
  • Nudity: In general, images that portray nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner are prohibited.
  • Items that infringe upon an individual's privacy . holds personal privacy in the highest regard. Therefore, items that infringe upon, or have potential to infringe upon, an individual's privacy are prohibited.

Intellectual Property Violations
  • Counterfeit merchandise: Products displayed on our website must be authentic. Any product that has been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized and unlicensed merchandise: All items displayed on our Site must be commercially produced and authorized or licensed for sale as a retail product.
  • Recopied media: Media products (books, movies, CDs, television programmes, software titles, videogames, and so on) that have been recopied, dubbed, duplicated, or transferred without permission of the rights holder are illegal to sell and are prohibited . This includes:
    • Books - Unauthorised copies of books are prohibited.
    • Music - Bootlegs, unauthorised live concerts, unauthorised soundboard recordings, unauthorised merchandise, etc., are prohibited.
    • Movies - Unauthorised copies of movies in any format are prohibited. Unreleased/prereleased movies, screeners, trailers, unpublished and unauthorized film scripts (no ISBN number), electronic press kits, and unauthorised props are also prohibited.
    • Photos - Unauthorised copies of photos are prohibited.
    • Radio programs & Concerts - Unauthorised recordings or copies of recordings of radio programs are prohibited.
    • Software - Recopied or duplicated software in any format is prohibited. Academic, OEM, back-up, fulfillment, promotional, beta (prerelease), unauthorised freeware/shareware, and "softlifted" versions of software are prohibited.
    • Television programmes - Unauthorised copies of television programmes (including pay-per-view events), programmes never broadcast, unauthorised scripts, unauthorised props, and screeners are prohibited.
    • Video games - Video games displayed on our website must be full retail versions. Recopied and transferred video games are prohibited. Mod chips, silver disks, video game emulators, Sega bootdisks, game enhancers, unauthorized video game compilations, unauthorized bundles of video game products, and unauthorized accessories are also prohibited.
  • Transferred media . Media transferred from one format to another is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: films converted from NTSC to Pal and Pal to NTSC, laserdisc to video, television to video, CD-ROM to cassette tape, from the Internet to any digital format, etc.
  • Promotional media: Promotional versions of media products, including books (advance reading copies and uncorrected proofs), music, and videos (screeners) are prohibited. These products are distributed for promotional consideration and generally are not authorized for retail distribution or sale.
  • Rights of Publicity: Celebrity images and/or the use of celebrity names cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission of a celebrity or their management. This includes product endorsements and use of a celebrity's likeness on merchandise such as posters, mouse pads, clocks, image collections in digital format, and so on.

Prohibited Products (Media)

The following media items must not be listed for sale through the Marketplace programme:

  • Promotional media: promotional versions of all media--including books (advance reading copies and uncorrected proofs), music, software, PC & video games, DVDs and videos (screeners)--are prohibited. These items are distributed for promotional consideration and are not authorised for retail distribution or sale.
  • Unauthorised and unlicensed merchandise: all media--including books, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, software and PC & video games sold through Marketplace program--must be fully licensed and authorised versions. All items sold through the Marketplace program must be commercially produced and authorised or licensed as a retail product. Only full retail versions of software may be sold through
  • Software: software that has been copied or duplicated in any format is prohibited. Additionally, academic, OEM, back-up, fulfillment, promotional, beta (prerelease), unauthorised freeware/shareware and "softlifted" software versions are prohibited. The majority of software licence agreements permit the initial licensee of the software to make a one-time permanent transfer of the licence directly to an end user. Sometimes the licence requires the transfer to include all of the software product (including all component parts, the media and printed materials, any upgrades, the licence itself and, if applicable, the Certificate of Authenticity). You should refer to your software's licence agreement to ensure that any software posted for sale is permitted to be transferred.
  • Video games: video games sold through must be full retail versions. Recopied and transferred video games are prohibited. Mod chips, silver disks, video game emulators, Sega bootdisks, game enhancers, unauthorised video game compilations, and accessories are also prohibited.
  • Region 1 DVDs: new region 1 DVDs are [restricted products] and may not be sold through unless you have received pre-approval for such sales generally from
  • Recopied media: copies, dubs, duplicates or transfers of books, music, videos, television programmes, radio programmes, concerts, DVDs, software etc., are prohibited. Recopied media infringe upon copyrights and trademarks and are illegal to sell. Just as you cannot sell a photocopied book without the author's permission, you cannot sell copies or duplicates of videos, music, video games, software, photos or any copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder. The following list of prohibited products comprises two sections: General Prohibited Content and Intellectual Property Prohibited Content Violations. Listing products from the Prohibited products list can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of tools and reports, or permanent suspension of selling privileges. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that the products they offer are legal and authorized for sale or re-sale.
  • Cigarette substitutes: Electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-based products that are not approved as aids to smoking cessation by the relevant authority or agency.
  • Electronic Surveillance Equipment: Any electronic surveillance equipments are prohibited from sale.
  • Batteries: Mercuric oxide button batteries (button-shaped batteries used in vintage camera equipment), alkaline-manganese batteries containing mercury, and zinc-carbon batteries containing mercury are prohibited from sale.
  • Mod chips: Mod chips or similar devices used to facilitate the use of copied or imported games etc are prohibited.
  • Lock breaking devices: All devices used for lock picking, jamming, code reading, etc. are prohibited from sale. Lock picking guns, cards bypass keys and tryout keys are prohibited.

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